Richter Legend Series 6

Returning to design after the successful Series 5, I played a key role in elevating the Richter Wizard Series 6 Floorstanding Speakers at Richter. This series builds upon our legacy of exceptional sound and design. With a focus on both visual appeal and audio performance, the Series 6 speakers offer an exciting and engaging entertainment experience, reflecting our philosophy of blending high-quality audio with everyday enjoyment.

Technical innovations in the Series 6 include new 6 1/2” driver cones made from a unique material blend, enhancing sound quality by minimizing resonance. The redesigned low-distortion tweeter ensures clear, precise audio across a broad frequency range. These advancements, coupled with a streamlined crossover design using high-quality components, ensure a pure and powerful sound.

The Series 6 speakers also feature new high-quality, gold-plated terminals, offering versatile connectivity to suit any audio setup. The Wizard S6 is a culmination of my design expertise and Richter’s commitment to audio excellence, promising a renewed and immersive listening experience.