Shark Shield Freedom+ Surf

While working with Tiller Design, I was instrumental in the groundbreaking development of the FREEDOM+ Surf. This innovative design was born from a collaboration with Ocean & Earth and benefited from the insights of Tom Carroll, a two-time World Surfing Champion. Our design features a transferable power module, complete with an LED system indicating power status and battery life. This module is seamlessly integrated into a specially designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, allowing for easy movement between boards and straightforward recharging.

A key aspect of our design is the ultra-slim antenna electrodes, cleverly incorporated into a sticker-thin adhesive decal on the surfboard’s underside. At just 500 microns, this decal is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the surfboard’s performance while enhancing the surfer’s experience. The FREEDOM+ Surf package includes everything you need to transform your surfboard into an effective electrical shark deterrent. Suitable for surfers at all levels, the FREEDOM+ Surf represents a significant advancement in surf technology and design innovation.