Subtract – Soul plates

Introducing the latest evolution in skating excellence, the Salomon ST Soul Plates Version 2.0, meticulously designed and crafted at Subtract mfg, where I infuse every creation with my dedication to the sport. Shaped from the highest grade of UHMW for unmatched speed, these soul plates are an ode to precision and performance.

At Subtract, we’ve shaved off 120 grams from the original design to ensure a lighter, more responsive ride. These soul plates align flawlessly with the iconic mounting height of the original ST plates while providing a refined fit that now supports larger diameter wheels, enhancing versatility and functionality.

Proudly 100% produced in-house at Subtract mfg, these plates are the product of skater know-how and passion. As the designer and owner, I stand behind each pair, guaranteeing they’re built by skaters, for skaters, ensuring that what you ride is nothing short of perfection.