Visionflex GEIS

During my tenure at Tiller Design, I played a pivotal role in designing the GEIS ‘General Exam & Inspection Camera’ for Visionflex. This innovative device not only delivers images in stunning full 1080P HD resolution but also revolutionizes telemedicine imagery with its unparalleled clarity. In developing the GEIS, I focused on incorporating a dual-focus system that offers both automatic and manual adjustments, ensuring consistently clear and crisp images. My design efforts also extended to enhancing its functionality with accessories like the tongue depressor for detailed oral cavity examination and the dermatology hood for exceptional skin imaging, making the camera versatile for various applications where high-quality imaging is paramount.

The handheld GEIS camera produces beautiful full HD (16:9) images, viewable on the ProEX system or any PC/Mac via a standard USB2 interface. I prioritized user-friendly connectivity, integrating UVC (Universal Video Class) USB 2.0 connectivity to eliminate the need for additional software drivers.

Key Features of the GEIS General Exam Camera:

  • Ergonomically Designed for Ease of Use
  • High-Intensity Illumination to Enhance Image Quality
  • Adjustable Brightness for Versatile Imaging Conditions
  • Dual Focus System: Auto or Manual for Precision
  • Full 1080P HD Resolution for Crystal-Clear Imagery
  • Simple and Efficient USB 2.0 UVC Connection
  • Single Button Snap Shot for Quick Image Capture